Find your perfect travel companion.

Image: Away

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If you’re a frequent traveler, you know how displeasing it can be to wait for your checked luggage to come around the carousel. On the flip side, we’ve all “ve been there” when someone tried to fit their giant suitcase in the overhead bin and that’s not fun for anyone.

Finding the perfect carry on is tricky — they have to keep up with you and fit your specific traveling style. Are you the type of person who needs to program every stop of your trip-up? Or are you more of a nomad who lets the road take them where it may? Whatever objective of the travel spectrum you fall on, your suitcase is your most important accessory. You need to make sure you have the right one for your lifestyle.

We’ve rounded up five of our favorite carry-on handbags that fit most airlines’ specifications for overhead luggage .( As ever, you’ll want to make sure to check your airline’s requirements before you fly .) Whether you’re an old-school business traveler or a wanderlust-filled backpacker, we know you’ll find the perfect travel companion.

For the diehards — Delsey Spinner Trolley

This sleek hardshell case is made of a sturdy plastic that’s still lightweight enough to raising into an overhead bay. Plus, the high-gloss finish looks like something out of Mad Men . It comes with dual-spinner wheels, a compres compartment, and TS-Aapproved lock that are pretty criterion on nicer luggage.

For the trendsetters — Away Carry-On

The internet has been going crazy about Away, the luggage startup with tons of neat features. One of the most hyped perks is the TS-Aapproved battery pack that would allow us to juice your devices on the go. Equally useful, if not as exciting, is the included compressible laundry container that retains your dirty clothes separated from clean ones.

For the hyper-organized — Genius Pack

If you love making itineraries and have your iPad out wherever you go, the Genius pack is as coordinated as you are. A packing checklist is published on the inside of your lawsuit and each pocket is labelled for its particular utilize. There’s external pockets for publishings, water bottles, passports, and a strap to hold your jacket. Plus you can grab an add-on battery pack or umbrella that fit right into their own compartments.

For the backpackers — Osprey Packs

When the airplane is merely the first part of your jaunt, packing can be annoying. You want to make sure everything is kosher for the TSA, but durable enough for more intense parts of the travel. Osprey’s travel backpack fits the bill on both counts. The backpack straps are padded with a sternum strap and hip belt. When you need to condense things for the plane, the straps are easily stowed in their own pocket. A protected laptop pocket gives people easy access to electronics during security screenings and the compressing straps guarantees to your container will fit in the overhead bin.

For the hyper-organized backpackers — eBags

Combining the versatility of a knapsack with the compartmentalization of a carry-on, eBags’ MotherLode Convertible is the best of both worlds. The inner bays are modular, with a removable divider and compression to keep contents fasten. A roomy top pocket gives people easy access to the things you’ll need often, while the hidden laptop pocket is accessible while remaining discreet. There’s even a collapsible water bottle pocket for when you need to hydrate on the go.